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The Gardens:

Our substantial private gardens feature an orchard, a cherry tree, apple trees and plum.

We have exclusive access to a fast flowing stream travelling the length of the garden, flowing sedately in the quiet months but it can change rapidly to snarling rapids after a seasonal downpour.

(Please be aware of the power of the river, particularly with children if it has been raining hard)

We offer al fresco dining facilities with our Italian designed dining table and chairs all reached through either the main door or using the French Doors of the main lounge which access the terrace.

We have in situ a large trampoline for “anyone” with an appetite to bounce. This is not solely just for the kids and can be great fun.

We also have a double swing area built from logs; the area is covered entirely in safety bark providing a safe area for you and your kids to have fun in the fresh air.

You can play hide and seek, climb, play football and sledge down the hill in winter. With trees and bushes everywhere, a huge lawn and a little imagination, you just can’t go wrong!

Walk to the Village through the garden

You can easily walk to the village from the garden in approximately 15 minutes.

Simply follow the driveway over the bridge up to the gates of the farm. Turn left through the gates and go through the farm yard turning left again at the end of the yard when facing the new stone built house.

Continue past the covered riding area on the right but immediately after passing it turn right up over the small wall and follow the path which zigzags through the woods.

You should follow the path as it climbs through the wooded area and arrives at a corridor of hedges. Continue for another 50m and you will access the tarmac road.

Continue over the main road in front of you, across the rear parking area of the hotel and pass under a small arch where you will arrive at the main village square with all it’s amenities and pubs!

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